Wusthof Grand Prix II 8-inch Bread Knife
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Wusthof Grand Prix II 8-inch Bread Knife

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Lightweight and balanced, Wusthof’s Grand Prix2 8-inch bread knife evenly slices rustic artisan breads easily. The bread knife’s signature, scalloped edge cuts through without crushing or crumbling. Even thick crusts and heartier breads won’t be a problem--and speeding up the birthday cake serving process comes as an added bonus. Delicate or hearty, this knife is up to the task. Offering superior craftsmanship and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, this blade reflects the commitment to quality associated with its renowned manufacturer. Similar to other Wusthof knives, the blade, bolster, and full tang are precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon, stain-resistant steel. Thanks to a sturdy steel bolster, knuckles remain protected while the ergonomically designed handle affords a comfortable hold to reduce hand strain. Made in Solingen, Germany; hand washing is recommended.

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