Wusthof Classic 7 inch Flexible Fillet Knife
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Wusthof Classic 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife

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After the big catch or a simple trip to the market, preparing fresh fish requires the right cutting tool. This 7-inch flexible fillet knife by Wusthof is the perfect knife for the job. The knife's long blade bends and curves to the cutting surface, allowing for exceptional ease of use. The knife works well for filleting, deboning, and skinning a variety of fish. Even more, its slightly larger handle provides a comfortable, secure grip. Like all knives in Wusthof's Classic series, the knife's blade, tang, and bolster come precision forged from a single piece of precisely tempered, high-carbon, stain-resistant steel. This tempering allows the knife to hold its edge for an extremely long time. Even more, it comes with a unique compound angle not seen in many knives. This angle tapers from the spine of the knife to the edge to allow for a sturdy, yet extremely sharp edge while it also tapers from the bolster to the tip to give the knife strength as well as flexibility. Traditional in look, Classic knives are seamlessly constructed with a visible full tang triple-riveted into an ergonomically-shaped synthetic handle. Though the knife is dishwasher-safe, Wusthof recommends hand-washing all fine cutlery.
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