Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Machine
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Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Machine

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The Marcato ATLAS 150 is absolutely the most versatile Manual Pasta Machine available on the market today and also the most widely sold. A complete system of attachments applicable to the body of the machine allows for obtaining more than 15 types of different Pastas: from Spaghetti to Ravioli, from Lasagne to Angels' Hair (Capelli D'Angelo). The Standard Machine is comprised of the Body with Flat Rollers for making the Dough Sheet and an easily removable Double-Cutter. Included in the packaging is a 12 page Booklet with Color Photos, Detailed Instructions in Various Languages and some Basic Recipes. The machine is packaged in a sturdy, 5-Color Lithographed Box and is Guaranteed for 3 years. Made In Italy.
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