Kai Komachi HD 3-Piece Essential Set with Sheaths
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Kai Komachi HD 3-Piece Essential Set with Sheaths

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This three-piece Pure Komachi HD Essential Set provides the key knives every kitchen needs: a chef's knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. The Pure Komachi HD Chef's Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife. Chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing—it does it all. The Pure Komachi HD Utility Knife is a medium-sized knife ideal for preparing shallots, garlic, herbs, or fruits. And the paring knife is perfect for peeling fruit, hulling strawberries, or mincing a clove of garlic. Any job that requires precise and delicate work is a great job for the Pure Komachi HD Paring Knife. Color-matched handles are light-weight, comfortable and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, these Pure Komachi HD knives are easy and fun to use. These knives are part of the Pure Komachi HD series of knives that feature full-color, high-definition photography heat transferred onto razor-sharp,carbon stainless steel blades. This HD photographic coating looks spectacular and each blade has been double-coated for durability. What's more—unlike some other colorful cutlery—these Pure Komachi HD knives have been hand-sharpened on a whetstone and hand-finished on a leather honing wheel for a finer, sharper edge. The 16 degree cutting angle each side provides top performance. The non-stick coating is food safe and easy to clean, too. Each knife comes with a color-matched sheath for safe and easy storage, too.
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