Harold Imports Fante's Cousin Liana's Gnocchi Board
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Harold Imports -Fante's Cousin Liana's Gnocchi Board

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For over 100 years, the extended Fante's family have lived, worked and most importantly, cooked and eaten in the heart of Philadelphia's historic Italian Market. Years of experience helped to create our signature line of Italian Cookware where old school craftsmanship and today's technology come together in a collection of favorites that would make generations of Fante's very proud. We hope they inspire you and your family to gather, to cook and to enjoy a wonderful meal. - The Fante's Family Features: Make authentic Italian gnocchi. The ridges in Cousin Liana's Gnocchi Board gives the pasta its traditional shape so it holds more of your most delectable sauces. 8". Made of solid beechwood. Made in Italy.
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