Harold Imports 9.25-in Round Cooling Rack
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Harold Imports 9.25-in Round Cooling Rack

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The Harold Import's Mrs. Anderson's Baking round cake rack measures 9.25" in diameter. Ideal for cooling cakes, cookies and other pastry's hot out of the oven. This rack can also be used to steam vegetables in the oven or as a trivet for hot dishes at the table or on your kitchen counter. This chrome plated steel rack should be hand washed with a non-abrasive cleaner. Features: Round Cake Rack, 9.25-Inch, by Mrs. Anderson's Baking. Cooling rack for pastries and cakes. Can be used as a steaming rack for vegetables or roasting rack for meats. Perfect size to fit most larger casseroles or slow cookers. Hand wash with non abrasive cleaner.
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